1st Virtual Conference

In celebration of International Translation Day this year, one of the foremost websites for translators,, organised its first virtual conference.  TrànslationWörks registered and "turned up" on the day to witness this unusual event. It was of course simply a case of turning on the computer. Easy, really!

Everything that you would expect to find at a conventional conference was there. I wandered round the exhibition hall, visiting the various companies represented, I attended a few presentations which were given with audio soundtrack and powerpoint presentations and had a live question and answer sessions. I also networked with colleagues who had registered as well. This feature was somewhat different to a conventional conference as usually you would recognise someone's face and fall into conversation with them. On this occasion, you had to recognise their names before launching into a chat. One of the advantages of not actually being able to see them was that I had a bit of thinking time before initiating a conversation. This gave me time to recall where I knew them from!

It was a useful event and clearly other colleagues thought so too as over 7,000 people attended over the course of the day depending on the time zone they were in.  I have a feeling that staff are thinking of hosting another conference next year. The date is already in my diary. 30 September 2010 - pop the date in your diary too; it would be fun to meet a few more colleagues there next year!

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